Non-Resection, No-Swelling Treatment of Under-eye Shadows and Bags | Eye Bag Types

Understanding the type of your eye bags - the first step towards obtaining the best results

On the basis of color of the skin, under-eye bags are categorized into three types ? black, red and brown.
At Theory Clinic, we further categorize black eye bags into two sub-types ? with puffs under eyes and without puffs under eyes.
Determining the eye bag type is very important for both selecting the best treatment method and making the best treatment plan for each patient.

How to Determine Eye Bag Types


Black Eye Bags (with puffs)

Fat present beneath the skin increases and causes under-eye shadows

This kind of eye bag causes dark lines under the eyes, which makes your cheeks look saggy.

The fat surrounding the eye balls is called "orbital fat pad."
With age, the fat pad descends and inflates the under-eye skin, thereby, causing dark shadows, also referred to as black eye bags.
Fat pad inflation also happens in some teenagers. Black eye bags are mainly formed in people who have narrow orbit (the cavity in the skull bone, which contains the eyeballs), dented cheekbones and excess fat pad.
How to Determine
Press the under-eye bag with a small stick such as a pen. If the dark line disappears with pressure, then, you probably have “black type” eye bags.

Treated Cases of Black Eye Bags (with puffs)


Black Eye Bags (without puffs)

The skin around the eyes wrinkles and causes under-eye shadows

There are no noticeable puffs; however, the whole under-eye area looks dull.

Usually no or slight fat pad inflation is found in the black eye bags without puffs. Dark shadows are often caused by dents and shriveled skin under the eyes caused due to aging.
How to Determine
Look up to the overhead lighting and then look in a mirror. If the under eye shadow lightens, then, you probably have this type of eye bag.

Treated Cases of Black Eye Bags (without puffs)


Red Eye Bag

Compressed orbicular muscle looks red through the skin.

The red eye bags usually appear under the corner of the eyes. If you pull the skin, the red color becomes deeper.

Due to poor blood circulation or fat pad inflation, the orbicular muscle is compressed and looks red through the skin. This is the main cause of red eye bags.
How to Determine
Place your finger on the upper cheek and pull the under-eye skin. If the red color becomes deeper, you probably have this type of eye bag.

Treated Cases of Red Eye Bags


Brown Eye Bags

Caused by pigmentation and unhealthy living habits

Brown eye bags that are caused by pigmentation spread over a wide area under the eyes. When you pull the skin, the color lightens. In many cases, pigmentation occurs on the upper eyelids, which makes the whole eye area look dull.

Pigmentation gradually occurs beneath the skin from causes such as UV tanning, dryness and use of makeup.
Brown eye bags are mainly formed because of the pigmentation. Wrinkles under the eyes also cause brownish shadows.
How to Determine
Look up to the ceiling and then look in a mirror. If the eye bags do not look different from when you look directly into the mirror, you probably have brown eye bags.

Treated cases of Brown Eye Bags

Check Your Eye Bag Type

Click the box of your eye bag type to know the best treatment method.

  • Black Eye Bags (with puffs)
  • Black Eye Bags (without puffs)
  • Red Eye Bags
  • Brown Eye Bags

Treatment Method for Black Eye Bags with Puffs

Orbital fat pad inflation causes under-eye puffiness, which causes dark shadows or in other words black eye bags.
The best treatment for this type of eye bags is Degreasing and Lipo Transfer that flattens the under-eye area.

Treatment Method for Black Eye Bags without Puffs

Black eye bags with no or slight fat pad inflation are usually formed because the whole under-eye area is dented.
Injecting hyaluronic acid or fat fills the dented area, thereby, removing the eye bags.

Treatment Method for Red Eye Bags

Red eye bags are always accompanied by puffiness under the eyes due to the fat pad inflation.
Degreasing together with lipo transfer prevents the muscles from being pushed out by the orbital fat pad.
Hyaluronic acid injection or laser treatment alone does not improve the symptoms of red eye bags.

Treatment Method for Brown Eye Bags

Brown eye bags are caused by melanin deposition in the skin.
The treatment is to promote the elimination of melanin pigment as well as to prevent the production of more melanin. Avoiding suntan and skin irritation, taking vitamin C and using external medication are all important.

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