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Privacy Policy of Theory Clinic

At Theory Clinic, we acknowledge the importance of your personal information and are committed to handling it with utmost care. We promote our efforts described hereunder to protect your personal information.

  • 1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    We comply with Personal Information Protection Law and related regulations and guidelines.

  • 2. Collection of Personal Information

    Prior to collecting your personal information, we specify the purpose of collecting the information to obtain your permission. We collect your personal information only to the extent necessary to satisfy the purpose.

  • 3. Use of Personal Information

    We do not use your personal information for purposes other than the stated purpose for which such information is collected.

  • 4. Accuracy of Information

    We strive to keep your personal information accurate and updated.

  • 5. Security of Personal Information

    e are committed to taking reasonable efforts to secure the personal information you choose to provide to us. We take appropriate safety measures to protect your personal information from any misconducts or accidents including unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage.

  • 6. In-house Training

    We give all our employees appropriate training for handling personal information and familiarize them with the measures for protecting the information.

  • 7. Supervision of Third Party

    We may share your personal information with authorized third parties. In such cases, we keep strict controls on the third parties and supervise them.

  • 8. Limit on Provision of Personal Information

    We never disclose your personal information to any other third parties without your permission, unless required by law enforcement action or applicable law.

  • 9. Confirmation or Correction of Personal Information

    If you request confirmation or correction of your personal information that you have previously provided to us, we will respond to your request in a reasonable manner.

  • 10. Use of Personal Information for Marketing Purpose

    We or our related companies may contact you for marketing purposes, such as for introducing new products or services. However, such contact will be terminated upon your request.

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