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Eye Bag Types

Understanding the type of your eye bags - the first step towards getting the best results

On the basis of the skin color of the eye bags, they are categorized into three types ? black, red and brown. At Theory Clinic, we further categorize black eye bags into two sub-types ? with puffs and without puffs.

  • Black eye bags ? with puff
  • Black eye bags ? without puff
  • Red eye bags
  • Brown eye bags

Causes of Under-Eye Shadows and Bags

Under-Eye skin problems are difficult to solve on your own

Under eye bags are caused by thinning of the dermis which contains the structural elements of the skin. On the other hand, shadows are caused by increase in the size of the fat-pad lying beneath the skin of the lower eyelids. Both under eye bags and shadows make you look old.


We carefully determine your symptoms and choose the most suitable treatment for you.

Theory Clinic helps you get that young-looking, smooth and transparent skin around the eyes.
From the time of consultation to the treatment and aftercare, Dr. Tsutsui personally provides a tailor-made plan to satisfy your wants and needs.

Before & After

From the time of consultation to the treatment and aftercare, Dr. Tsutsui personally looks after each patient with the utmost care and attention.

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